one to one nutrition
Nourish – Balance – Thrive

Naturopathic Nutrition is a practice where food is used as medicine to address the root cause of health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.  There is no one size fits all, as each person has their own health and life story, and my job as a nutritional therapist is to listen to your story and outline a plan that matches your own, personalised health needs.



I use diagnostic tools such as iridology to help work out any specific underlying reasons that may be contributing to symptoms.  I will help you become more aware of the food choices you make, whilst showing you how to connect them to your own health.  You will learn how to make changes for the long term, using whole, organic and nutrient dense foods that will nourish, balance and protect your body.


Initial Consultation

Adult – £75
Child Under 12 – £55

1-2 hour detailed consultation followed by an email with your personalised plan


Follow-Up Consultations

Adult – £45
Child Under 12 – £30

45-60 mins – followed by an email with your revised plan


Family Rates

Initial Consultation

Adults – £65 each
Children Under 12 – £45 each
Personalised plan for each member of the family via email

Follow-Up Consultations

Adults – £40 each
Children Under 12 – £25 each
Revised plan for each member of the family


General Nutritional Advice for the Whole Family – £95

Approximately 1 hour of general discussion on how to improve your family’s health followed by an email outlining what was discussed, with relevant handouts and recipe ideas specific to your family’s needs.



I am also available for talks and workshops
Please CONTACT me for more information