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Nourish – Balance – Thrive

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Nicola’s nutritional advice has been life changing for my 5 years old daughter Emilia, who has suffered with eczema since birth.  I was prescribed hydrocortisone by her GP, which I had to apply several times a day to stop the itching and scratching, ever since she was a baby.   After just a month of Nicola’s advice, the results were amazing!  The eczema significantly improved and I stopped using the hydrocortisone.  Two months later, my daughter is completely eczema free, and she still hasn’t had a flare up.  It’s wonderful to see the difference it has made to her life and the life of our family.  Nicola, thank you so much for all your advice!

We are so very grateful!

Jo, Matt & Emilia

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I did Wildly Healthy’s two week Autumn Body Reset and really enjoyed it. I am not much of a cook but I found the recipes easy to prepare and delicious. I enjoyed a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruit and felt satisfied after my meals. I was also happy to lose almost 7 pounds by the end of the second week. I still use many of the recipes and find the morning smoothies to be a quick and easy way to start my day. It’s nice to do a program that doesn’t deprive you of tasty food!

Thank you to Nic!


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I had the most amazing Aromatherapy & Reflexology session with Nicola.  Deeply healing and restorative, not to mention the brilliant nutritional advice thrown in.

She's one talented lady!